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    christmas eve: blogging
    christmas: blogging
    new year's eve: blogging
    new year: blogging
    end of the world: blogging


it was the night before christmas and all thru the house not a creature was stirring except for everyone who had a tumblr who refused to  stop stirring and stayed up all night and santa was pissed as hell

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I’m back! Drown me with your requests ‘cuz it’s Christmas and I’m bored.


HUGE GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!!Details below.

So I’m doing this giveaway for my followers for CHRISTMAS!

First things first : NONE of the pictures here are mine, they are from the sellers I am buying them off. Everything is being purchased online as it is cheap and affordable for me.

Ok here are the rules.

You MUST be following me (x) as it is a FOLLOWER giveaway afterall, you can’t win otherwise.

You should also follow my good friend (x)(x) for making this happen and helping me gather everything. (You don’t have to, but it would be nice of you)

I WILL be checking if the winner is following me.


I will not be personally picking a winner, I will be using a random selection method. So don’t be bribing me with kind messages;)

The more you reblog will NOT guarantee you a win, but it WILL help.

I will be choosing the winner at 10pm UK time on the 11th of December 2013, so that gives you over a month from today (2nd November)

OK, so the giveaway includes EVERYTHING in the above pictures.


1 All Time Low (Don’t Panic) t-shirt

1 Pierce The Veil (Collide With The Sky Artwork) Crewneck (So beautiful may I add)

1 Pierce The Veil Band Members crewneck

1 Vic Fuentes Crewneck (Designed by yours truly)

1 All Time Fucking Low Crewneck (I designed the crewneck but the logo is not mine)

1 You Me At Six t-shirt

1 Mayday Parade t-shirt

1 Pair of Bring Me The Horizon hand painted TOMS (Not hand painted by me)

1 Pair of Pierce The Veil hand painted shoes (Not hand painted by me)

1 Pair of All Time Low hand painted shoes (Not hand painted by me)

1 Pair of Sleeping With Sirens hand painted converse style hi tops (Not Painted by me)

1 Of Mice And Men Squidgy the octopus necklace (SO FUCKING CUTE)

1 Pierce The Veil Bow for hair, but can be made into a bow tie.

1 Bring Me The Horizon Sandpit Turtle broach/badge

1 Of Mice and Men Squidgy the Octopus hair bow or bow tie in an Of Mice and Men handmade box.

1 hard copy of the album Punk Goes Christmas as it is a christmas giveaway after all! (Track list available online)

1 pair of Bring Me The Horizon Sempiternal Ear Plugs/Gauges of any size. If you don’t wear them, give them to a friend of you can decline them and I will give to the 2nd place winner :)

1 Of Mice and Men wristband

1 Pair of SIGNED Bring Me The Horizon drumsticks

1 SIGNED Bring Me The Horizon poster

1 Pierce The Veil (Street Youth Rising) t-shirt

1 We The Kings (Smile Kid) t-shirt

1 Black Veil Brides t-shirt

1 Pierce The Veil (Collide With The Sky) t-shirt

1 Pierce The Veil beaded bracelet.

1 Sleeping With Sirens metal/plastic beaded bracelet.

1 Mayday Parade beaded bracelet with bands logo.

1 Bring Me The Horizon beaded bracelet with bands logo.

3 All Time Low rubber wristbands in red, black and white.

1 Tonight Alive rubber wristband

1 Pierce The Veil cartoon doodle t-shirt (EXTREMELY CUTE)

1 All Time Low Dirty Work Tour t-shirt

1 Of Mice & Men t-shirt (strangely cute)

1 The Summer Set (I didn’t mean to fuck you over) t-shirt

1 Mayday Parade t-shirt

1 Sleeping With Sirens t-shirt

AND THAT IS ALL (I may have missed somethings or mispelled things, sorry bros!!!!


I will be choosing the winner at 10pm UK time on the 11th of December 2013.

Likes DO NOT count and YOU MUST be following me and I WILL be checking.

Good Luck EVERYONE and I love you all. I am SO SORRY I can not give something to each of you.

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Not a surprising announcement: I’ve decided to stop writing imagines. I may or may not finish the ones that are already in my box, but I really am just too busy. I don’t have the time to spend on something that I get no benefit from, so I’ve decided to give it a break. Also, these people that I write about are really people, with personal lives and there own feelings and preferences. I personally wouldn’t want some “kid” writing about having sex with me or some shit like that, so why would I do that to them. It’s all about becoming mature and leaving people’s personal lives alone. But none the less, I thank  all 659 of you for the support and even giving me the support and sending requests, I feel pretty happy with what I’ve accomplished. (:

~Sara xx

somebody literally just unfollowed me who the fuck?

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